Does your house organization give you the heebeegeebeez? Is it out of control? Do you have a cleaning schedule?

DO NOT PANIC!! WE ARE HERE TO HELP! We will tackle this “organized chaos” together.

Making a cleaning plan for your home helps you stay focused and on task with the MANY distractions these days. I also find it helpful to have a “cleaning music playlist” to clean/organize to. My kiddo’s intuitively know when that playlist comes on, it’s time to get to work. But let’s get back to the plan.

I have learned a great deal of information from The Fly Lady. My amazing friend, Patricia Bernhard aka Mrs. B, introduced me to “her” about 15 years ago. I love scheduling and must keep an accurate calendar. (We run 2 businesses and volunteer at our church and have 3 kids still at home. A calendar/schedule is a must for me.) Anywho, I fell in love with her organized schedule and how she split up the house into sections to tackle a section a week. She even had checklists! A gal after my own heart. I love checking the box! I feel like I got something done. Sooo, let’s make a plan.

I will say if a lot of information at one time overwhelms you, (which is what we are trying to avoid), I would start slow. Baby steps. In order to maintain motivation and avoid quitting due to feeling overwhelmed, it’s important to experience a sense of accomplishment and make progress.

Step 1: Shine your sink.

Having a clean kitchen sink feels so amazing, doesn’t it? (yes weird I know) This is a step that is done every night before bed so in the morning you have less stress and frustration. I attached the link below. This really does work. My hubby gets frustrated with dishes in the sink and since we have adapted this chore, a blessing really, this simple step makes for a peaceful morning.

FLYing Lesson: Getting Dressed to Shoes

Bonus: with COVID-19 this step disinfects your sink as well. WIN WIN!!

Step 2: GIRLFRIEND! Get dressed! Shoes included!

OK. WAIT! Don’t leave me just yet. Think about it! You are more likely to “work” if you have shoes on, right? Run trash to the can, put donations in your car, etc. There will be no excuses to not finish a step. PLUS, the urge to put your feet up will be gone, ‘cause you know you can’t have your shoes on the couch. ALSO, wear your brassiere or bra or over-the-shoulder-boulder holder…You can’t “work” with the twins left unhinged. Corral those puppies and lets get to work.

FLYing Lesson: Getting Dressed to Shoes

Step 3: Repeat these 2 steps for a few days.

Make it a habit. You will like it…Promise.   We will finish our plan in the next posts. Toodles, Stephanie