Keeping Your Space Yours

Keeping Your Space Yours Post Picture Of Snowflakes

Snowflakes and little messes have something in common:

Get enough of them together, and you start to wonder if it’s worth digging out your car. But we’re here to tell that yes, it is worth it, and once you’ve taken the first step every one after it will be easier.

Embrace the Clean: Creating a Healthy Environment

It doesn’t have to be just your car we’re talking about. Your desk, your kitchen, your bed, wherever mess accumulates you deserve to have a clean environment. And what if all of those could use a little work? Easy: Where do you spend the most of your time? For some busybodies your bed may be the only place that can contain you for more than a few hours, for others your morning and evening commute means a long time spent wondering how long that empty Starbucks cup has been in the cupholder.

Keeping Your Space Yours Post Picture

Choose Your Space: Prioritizing Your Cleaning Efforts

Choose the place you spend the most time, and clean it. You deserve a clean, healthy environment. When you’re struggling to keep it that way, think of it the same way you would a hot bath. You’re taking care of yourself by taking care of where you live, and you’re keeping your space yours.

Keeping Your Space Yours Post Picture
Photo by Jesus Hilario H. on Unsplash

Desk Cleaning Tips: Transforming Your Workspace

Using your desk as an example:

  • Buy your supplies. Cleaning wipes, gloves, a trash bag if you need it.
  • Put on music, a podcast, or a show that you don’t need to be watching too closely. Background noise helps the time move quickly and keeps your work from feeling too dreary.
  • Move any items that you’re keeping so they’re out of the way, then toss any trash, put the dishes in the sink, and return items that are out of place to their rightful homes.
  • Use those cleaning wipes to scrub down the desk.
  • Spray something to make the area smell good if you can!
  • Return your knicknacks to the desk and set them up in a way that makes you happy.

Enjoy the Results: The Benefits of a Clean Environment

And just like that, you’re all done! If your desk (or wherever you chose) is clean, you’ll be happier while you’re there. More energy means a higher chance of getting to the next area on your list. And even if you can’t, from now on your desk will be easier to keep as your special place.

Cleaning can be a positive experience, and the outcome is well worth it. Start with taking care of your environment, so your environment can take care of you.

If you need a head start and a clean slate, Triple Clean is here to help. At time of writing we are booked for residential cleaning, but visit our Contact page to join the waiting list, and keep your eyes open for more cleaning tips from Triple Clean.