Cleaning With Melaleuca: A Healthier Clean

Cleaning With Melaleuca: A Healthier Clean blog post picture of cleaning supplies

Full disclosure: This is not a paid advertisement, it is a full-throated and personal endorsement by Triple Clean. We use these products ourselves and want to share why. However, if you do become a Melaleuca member through us, we may receive some compensation as a result.

The most important step of any cleaning project is preparing your tools,

and in our experience melaleuca provides the best tools you can get. We use Melaleuca religiously, and for good reason.

Melaleuca: A Trusted Brand

This company was founded in 1985 and has well earned its place since. They have strong, wholesome values and even run a charity that’s done some amazing things, with donations going towards Hurricane Katrina relief, Maui wildfires, and even fund an orphanage. You can buy from Melaleuca knowing what kind of change they support.

Cleaning With Melaleuca A Healthier Clean Post Picture
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But you’re here for the products.
We also have a list here if you’d like direct links to what’s discussed!

Across the board, we love Melaleuca because it makes our jobs easier. Many products come in a concentrate and last a lot longer than they look while staying strong. There’s no skin irritation and no bleach or ammonia for those with sensitive skin or allergies. It’s even usable around pets and kids!

Sol-U-Mel: Your All-Purpose Solution for Stubborn Stains

Sol-U-Mel is an all-purpose cleaner that’s especially helpful for tough to get out stains. The Melaleuca site lists such fearsome messes as paint, road tar, gum in hair, and permanent marker as just some of what Sol-U-Mel is great for. Especially creative children (with their art on the wall or otherwise) no longer need to be feared. It also works great for freshening up a room and neutralizing odors.

Heavy-Duty Marvel: MelaMagic’s Power in Every Drop

For your less day-to-day grime, MelaMagic is heavy duty and ready to pull its weight. A single 16 oz bottle makes up to 32 gallons of cleaner. It isn’t recommended for wood or carpet surfaces, but it instead really shines with the outdoorsy family. Outdoor furniture, concrete, and those rough barbecue grills can all get their day in the cleaning sun, without having to swap between too many cleaners when you’re just trying to put a party to bed.

Gentle Yet Mighty: Tough & Tender’s Cleaning Revolution for Safely Cleaning Even Food Surfaces

Tough & Tender comes in at the other end of the spectrum, and boasts that it can even be used on surfaces that come in contact with food. Tough & Tender is an everyday cleaner that doesn’t have any caustic chemicals. It can be used on counters, appliances, even natural stone without worrying about wearing anything down.

Clear Power: A Clear Choice for Streak-Free Surfaces

Last but not least, Clear Power does exactly what it says: It’s a glass cleaner that leaves your surfaces clear. Just one 8oz bottle of Clear Power makes 6 full spray bottles of glass cleaner. The manufacturer recommends using this with a microfiber cloth for the best results. It’s great on glass, mirrors, and the less common shiny surfaces like stainless steel. A bottle of Clear Power can come with you to every room.

Everything mentioned in this article is something we personally use in our cleaning, and as you may have guessed, we are always cleaning. Check back with Triple Clean for more cleaning tips!

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