Bedroom and bathrooms.

A separate bedroom and bathroom should be kept for a person who is sick (if possible).
The person who is sick should stay separated from other people in the home (as much as possible).

If you have a separate bedroom and bathroom: Wear disposable gloves and only clean the area around the person who is sick when needed, such as when the area is soiled. This will help limit your contact with the person who is sick.

Caregivers can provide personal cleaning supplies to the person who is sick (if appropriate). Supplies include tissues, paper towels, cleaners, and EPA-registered disinfectants icon. If they feel up to it, the person who is sick can clean their own space.

If shared bathroom: The person who is sick should clean and disinfect after each use. If this is not possible, the caregiver should wait as long as possible before cleaning and disinfecting.

See precautions for household members and caregivers for more information.


Stay separated: The person who is sick should eat (or be fed) in their room if possible

Wash dishes and utensils using disposable gloves and hot water: Handle any used dishes, cups/glasses, or silverware with gloves. Wash them with soap and hot water or in a dishwasher.

Clean hands after taking off gloves or handling used items.


Dedicated, lined trash can: If possible, dedicate a lined trash can for the person who is sick. Use disposable gloves when removing garbage bags, and handling and disposing of trash. Wash hands afterwards.

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